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Different breeds are different prices, small dogs can range from $55 - $65, Medium $65 - $80 and large $80 - $150. It all depends on the type of haircut or if its a double coated dog for a blow out. These prices include bath, blow dry, trim and nails.

Anal Glands and ear plucking are also included but at owners request as not every dog needs this to be done. We express Anal glands externally where vets express them internally, ask your vet what is best for your dog. Give us a call for a better quote for your dog.  

We take each dog in at a specified time slot and aim to have each dog ready on average within 2-3 hours.    

Depending on the time of year, we are sometimes booking within the week, and sometimes we have no bookings for 2 weeks!  So call in advance if you can, or you can book ahead of time for the year as well!! 

We have add on services too, such as teeth brushing, nail grinding and Furminator packages! 

Walk in Services

Face trim $10-17

Anal glands $7-10

Nail trim  $10-13

Nail trim and grind $17 - $20

Bum trim $5-15

Cat's nails $13

Ear pluck $7-10

Teeth brushing $10

For more services and special packages please contact us! Thank you! 

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